PIR Ribbons & Name Banner Style Banner Package
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PIR Ribbons & Name Banner Style Banner Package

Price: $62.00
2 or more: $55.00 each
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PIR Hotel Door Banner Made to Look like the Sailor's Dress Blue Uniform. Banner and Ribbon Combo Package for Regular Divisions and 900 Divisions $78 value for $62 This banner comes with everything you need on it. You don’t have to add anything extra to it. In fact there are no extras to add. You just fill in the information and it will be personalized for your Recruit/Sailor. It is handmade from Navy Blue Twill Fabric (looks black in picture but it's navy blue). All edges are finished, it's approximately 15" wide by 20" tall and has two loops at the top for hanging it. It folds small to fit in a Ziploc bag and fits in your purse or luggage making it easy for travel. You can iron it from the back on cotton setting to remove wrinkles before hanging and is even machine washable. Each barracks/building at boot camp is named after a ship and I have created a silhouette of each one to personalize each banner even more. Your banner will look like the one in the picture except it will be personalized with your Recruit/Sailor’s Name, Ship Name, Ship Silhouette, Division Number, and PIR Date plus everything else pictured. You get to choose what is written on the botton row.

You also get 4 PIR double colored ribbons in your choice of colors and your choice of silver or gold accents. If your recruit has other close family members who have served or are serving in the military I will add an American Flag to the ribbons to honor the family’s military history. If your recruit is in the boot camp choir or band I will add a music note to the ribbons. The ribbons come with a pin on the back, so you can wear it on your shirt or dress. You also get a FREE Window decal of your choice. This package deal saves you money $$$ and is ALL handmade by a fellow Navy Mom. Make sure you check the box if you want the FREE Window decal. If you do not check the box it will not be included.