Double Sided Key Chain
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Double Sided Key Chain

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Key Chain made from heavy fabric with two sided name option. Each side can have different colors for fabric and letters or it can be the same. Examples: You can get Navy Mom on one side and USMC Mom on the other side. You can get your name on one side and your Sailor's name on the other side. You could also get Navy digital camo on one side with your Sailor's name in gray letters and Red fabric on the other side with your Marin's name in Yellow letters. And it doesn't have to be military; you could get your name on Pink Camo and another name on Hunters Camo. Have Twins? Get one name on one side and the other name on the other side. Two pets? One name on one side and one on the other side. So many fun ways to get this great personalzed Key Chain. If you have questions let me know. You can click on contact us for any questions. Please note that items ordered with embroidered names take longer because of the custimization so allow extra time for delivery and REMEMBER This Price includes FREE Shipping!